Today and tomorrow on the Daily Dose of Dead we feature two early October shows at the Paramount Theater in Portland, OR. I already posted songs from the shows at the Paramount in Seattle, WA from the 28th & 29th of September and these two shows in Oregon are the 1st and 2nd of October. Back to back paramount runs.

Today is Estimated Prophet from the 10/1/77 show. There is a bit of crackling audio in the beginning of this but stick with it because it is really incredible. Especially the Jerry solo which is rich in spaciness.

The Eyes that follows Estimated is also pretty amazing.

1: Promised, TLEO, Mexicali, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Deal, Passenger, Tennessee Jed, Minglewood, Peggy-O, Music

2: Bertha> Good Lovin, Roses, Estimated> Eyes> Dancin> Drums> NFA> Black Peter> Around

Enjoy it!

You’ve all been asleep, you would not believe me. Them voices telling me, you will soon receive me. We’re standing on the beach, the sea will part before me. Fire wheel burning in the air, you will follow me and we will ride to glory.”